Role: Creative Direction and UI/UX
Agency: Capgemini Invent
Media: Online Advertising, Website UI/UX including Design & support Assets

Lift, Shift, Refresh - Redesign for Residential & Commercial Services
It is important for any business to have a nice looking website. Many people (consumers) during the course of searching for products or services will make decisions to make that purchase based on the online presence. Quality, appearance and experience during the visit to a website play an important role to instill the confidence in the mind of the customer that they are making the best choice. 

Orkin, an A-rated pest control and termite treatment provider, trusted by many homeowners as well as businesses is no different. As the lead creative on a projects like this, it’s important to not only be concise of the time and budget needs of the client, but to make sure that in the end they are excited about the new online presence. And proud to say, Hello world! Look at us, again.
Professional Training for working professionals - Rollins Corporate Online Learning
Employees are a little overwhelmed these days. Typically only having 20 or so minutes a week to set aside for learning. Most corporate online training courses can require much more time than that, especially when it comes to technical training for companies with the service provider sector. As a solution for this kind of in-depth learning a system was designed around a time based class taking method. Employees can login to the training system and be presented with required courses as well as search a data base and request course access from their manager. Course that are assigned to an associate allow for the classes to be taken over multiple days, typically 30 days. Progress is displayed in a way to keep the associate motivated to keep going and finish. Alerts are displayed days in advance to ensure the finish deadlines are not missed, that would result in associates repeating the class again.

Along with a new user experience to the online learning portal that included course recommendations, advanced course search based on job track, associate experience and prior learning, we refreshed the look and feel. Incorporating corporate colors for each of the subsidiary brands to give it an inclusive feel with new styles and graphic treatments that enhanced the experience.

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