Honda’s core business conduit between Honda of North America and its network of dealers, the iN Portal, is over 15 years old and needs to be modernized; currently, it is a non-responsive grouping of apps that forces users to work within silos. The goal is to modernize the iN Portal by updating the navigation, content governance, user experience, business process flows, and platform. 

The iN Portal contains a vast amount of information in a complex navigation structure and no global search, making it difficult for users to find exactly what they need. Multi-step business tasks are siloed into single tasks with no guidance to the next step in the process, creating an inefficient and frustrating experience. The lack of contextual or inline support makes it difficult for users to learn how to use the iN Portal. 

After the redesign, a personalized navigation structure will simplify the user experience, allowing users to move seamlessly throughout the iN portal. The reimagined user experience merges the siloed apps into complete business process flows, creating a faster and more productive experience by logically pathing the user through their task. The introduction of an action bar allows the user to quickly focus on their specific task without having to manually search through multiple apps and a large amount of content unrelated to their role. 
The prototype that stole the show
So my main role in all of this was helping win the pitch. We were given one screen of the existing portal system and we had to imagine what the new system could and should do. The team came up with a concept theme which was known as "Designed for Joy". Along with a thematic video that kicked the presentation off, we also designed and installed a prototype onto a couple of iPads and passed them around the room and let the Honda executives experience what could be their new portal. Their eyes got big. Their smiles were bigger. It's what they wanted.
Take a look at the animated prototype that I put together. And enJOY.

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