SunTrust, a prominent financial institution known for its commitment to lighting the way to financial well-being, has been a key player in the banking industry for decades. Before its acquisition and rebranding to Truist Bank, SunTrust had a rich history of providing comprehensive banking services to its clients. This case study explores SunTrust's creative campaigns and marketing strategies, aimed at reinforcing its brand identity and enhancing customer engagement across various platforms.
Project Scope
As the lead on the SunTrust account, my role encompassed overseeing and directing a series of cross-platform promotional and advertising campaigns, online advertising units, and card art designs. The objective was to deliver innovative and cohesive marketing solutions that resonated with SunTrust's diverse customer base and aligned with the bank's core values and strategic goals.
Campaign Highlights
Cross-Platform Promotional Campaigns:
We developed a series of integrated marketing campaigns designed to highlight SunTrust's commitment to financial well-being. By leveraging a mix of traditional and digital media, we created a seamless customer experience that effectively communicated SunTrust's key messages and services across all touchpoints.
Online Advertising Units:
Focusing on digital growth, we designed and implemented a variety of online advertising units. These included interactive banners, targeted display ads, and sponsored content, all aimed at increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to SunTrust's digital platforms. These online ads achieved high engagement rates through data-driven strategies and converted interest into action.
Card Art Designs:
To further personalize the banking experience, we introduced a series of custom card art designs for SunTrust's debit and credit cards. These designs enhanced the cards' physical aspect and strengthened the emotional connection between the brand and its customers. Each design was thoughtfully crafted to reflect SunTrust's brand identity and values.
Outcome and Impact:
The creative campaigns for SunTrust significantly contributed to the bank's brand visibility and customer engagement. We fostered a strong brand connection and loyalty among SunTrust's clientele by delivering consistent and meaningful messages across all channels. The success of these campaigns played a pivotal role in maintaining SunTrust's competitive edge in the financial services market before it transitioned to Truist Bank.
This portfolio showcases the breadth of creative solutions and strategic thinking applied to bolster SunTrust's market presence, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to financial services marketing in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

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