Segmented HCP & Patient Experience with Targeted Content
Prepared for Sanofi Genzyme / Fabry | 2017

Execute an informative and user-friendly web design for Genzyme’s Fabry Disease Platform. Tailored for a seamless digital experience, the project caters to prospective patients seeking healthcare providers and individuals exploring Fabry disease, offering guidance for healthcare decisions and comprehensive educational resources for those in the early stages of understanding the condition.

My Role:
• UX/UI Design
• Art Direction
• Prototyping
Concept Development & Approach
The strategic execution involved tailoring the website content to cater specifically to the needs, characteristics, and interests of each segmented group. By providing comprehensive information on Fabry's disease and highlighting the benefits of Genzyme's pharmaceutical advancements, the web design aimed to educate and engage those who need to find healthcare providers and patients/family members researching and learning about Fabry on their own.

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