Challenge Insight
Subaru faced significant hurdles with its MySubaru telematics app and web portal, which did not meet customer expectations. Users experienced difficulties that led them to question the quality of Subaru vehicles. The diversity in Subaru's vehicle lineup, ranging over decades with varying levels of telematics capabilities, added complexity to the challenge, necessitating a comprehensive overhaul of the app and web portal.

strategic Discovery
A key insight emerged that customers were unaware of their vehicles' telematics capabilities, leading to confusion and frustration. The lack of educational resources about telematics within the app and insufficient training for sales staff compounded the problem. This disconnect resulted in extremely low app ratings and a misalignment between the app and the web portal, further confusing users.

Revolutionary Outcome
Subaru embarked on a mission to revamp the MySubaru app and web portal, prioritizing user-friendliness and a unified experience. A new strategy was implemented, focusing on a shared information architecture and a tiered user experience design. This approach ensured that all users, regardless of their vehicle's telematics capabilities, could navigate the app and web portal seamlessly. Emphasizing education, the revamped MySubaru app clearly communicated the specific telematics features available to each vehicle model, both within the app and through the App Store description. Sales teams were also equipped with detailed knowledge about telematics, enhancing their ability to inform and engage customers.

The relaunch of the MySubaru app led to a 200% increase in app store review scores, a significant reduction in user confusion, and a marked improvement in brand trust. Subaru's commitment to user-centric design and education not only resolved the initial challenges but also set a new standard for customer experience within the automotive industry.
Explore how Subaru rebuilt trust and enhanced customer experience with the MySubaru app overhaul.

Impressive Results
The relaunch of the MySubaru app marked a turning point, with app reviews on the Apple App Store increasing by 200%. This significant improvement reflected a broader understanding among users of their vehicles' capabilities and a renewed confidence in the Subaru brand. By addressing the root causes of confusion and dissatisfaction, Subaru not only enhanced the user experience but also reinforced its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.
Discover the journey of the MySubaru app from challenge to triumph, and explore how Subaru rebuilt trust and delivered a seamless digital experience to its customers.

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